Our Story

Why are we here?

Rebel Vine was created from a dream to rebel against society’s beauty and fashion standards by standing up for what is right. Fast fashion is growing widely popular, but we don't like what it does to the planet or the suppliers. We are here for the change-makers and the rule-breakers!

We sell products that are good for you, good for the artisan and good for the environment. We take pride in selecting products that represent at least one of the following characteristics: Fair Trade, Handmade, Cruelty Free, Sustainable. You will find that many of our products represent various elements. Our apparel options offer timeless looks that you can feel good about and look great in. Our beauty selections are pure and gentle, perfect for all skin types.

What's the deal with our name?

Our name speaks to both the philosophy and the personality of the brand. The word "rebel" was chosen to represent our philosophy, which is to rebel against the socially acceptable fashion and beauty standards. The word "vine" defines our multifaceted personality as it represents the name of the founder,  Jasmine, and some of the rare characteristics of a flowering vine.  Jasmine vines produce fragrant flowers that are delicate and beautiful; the fragrance evokes elegance, affection and purity. Vines tend to follow a path built by other plants or objects and often need to cling onto strong supporters to successfully grow; but a rebellious vine creates its own path and relies on smaller support structures for growth. Put all of that together and that is how we got our funky name.