18k Gold Rectangle Earrings - Rebel Vine Boutique
18k Gold Rectangle Earrings - Rebel Vine Boutique

18k Gold Rectangle Earrings

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You represent a minimalist lifestyle because you understand that the simple things can be the most beautiful. These modern earrings are handcrafted, understated beauties. Simplicity equals flexibility; wear these earrings everyday or for that special occasion and know that your purchase is transforming lives as you will help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.

18k gold layered over stainless steel
.5 inch width
1.75 inch drop

Helpful Tips: Keep jewelry away from water and harsh chemicals; store separately in a soft pouch.

Fair TradeHandmade


Meet the Artisans

Starfish Project

There are exploited women in every city in the world.
In 2006 a small group of friends began to reach out to the ones who live in our city. We began going into the the streets to visit the girls in the shops. Training in Jewelry making for wholesale markets has created a sustainable income in wholesale jewelry production.

Over time, some of the girls have come to trust us enough to leave their old life and come into our shelter. Our shelter is not meant to be a permanent residence. Our desire is to see the girls transformed through a loving community. The women in our shelter receive regular counseling where they begin to heal from their past hurts.We provide for them work as alternative means of support, medical checks and consultation, as well as vocational classes in wholesale jewelry production to prepare them for the future.

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